CD / Copywriter


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I lead digital creative teams. 


The glory days of traditional are over.

Now it's less about the medium, and more about the idea. As a creative lead its my job to chase – and guide – that idea across every platform where the consumer will interact with the brand. 

Especially in digital. Where we constantly test, track, and optimize. 

My teams are highly integrated across multiple disciplines, including: 

  • Copywriters (like myself)

  • Art Directors

  • Graphic Designers

  • User Experience Designers

  • Strategists (with us every step of the way)

  • Media Planners

  • Data Scientists

  • Technologists / Developers

Call me if you spot a conference room we can steal. 




Email: peterjwagoner   @   g    m     a   i   l   .   c o   m  

(^^^ Let's see you crack THAT code, spambots.)

I'm very boring on Linkedin. 

But very silly on Facebook.

I work at Grow.