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Save The Food

Save The Food: Alexa Skill


40 percent of food in America is wasted. We worked with the Ad Council to create two digital tools to help get that number closer to zero.

Role: Creative Lead


Alexa Skill

We created an Alexa Skill for over 400 foods. It tells you how to store them so they last longer, know for sure if they've gone bad, and magically revive them if they have.

It was so successful,
Amazon made it a native skill.

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The Guest-imator


We used data to prevent food waste during the holidays, by creating a digital tool that can accurately predict the amount of food a group of people will eat at a dinner party.

(Yes, it actually works.)

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Let’s talk strategy and algorithms

(No one would fault you for skipping this part)

No one wants to waste food at a dinner party. But no one wants hungry guests, either.
So party hosts tend to “play it safe” and make 40% more than they need.
Our goal: help hosts hit that “sweet spot.”


But calculating how much food you need to make is hard, because of the “Dinner Party Problem.”


So we created an algorithm to solve this problem, based on appetite research from the Yale School of Hospitality – that measures how of each type of dish Americans actually eat.